The following reviews are from a few¬†of Belle Maison’s very satisfied customers.

Melanie E. Henry
April 03, 2014


Gina arrived promptly and for the next two hours gave me the benefit of her expertise as we walked through my home. She not only answered each of my questions as to color, arrangement, composition, and furnishings, she pointed out possibilities which never would have occurred to me.


By the time Gina left I had a new enthusiasm for my home and confidence that I could accomplish much with her help. That evening I received an email from Gina which gave me a detailed list of everything we discussed, room by room. She gave me a specific paint name and number, the name of a web site and store to check, and even pictures of furniture pieces we had discussed. She immediately answered my follow up email to answer a few more questions.


I hope to work with Gina again and would unhesitatingly encourage others to do so.

Dale Schlotzhauer
March 27, 2014


I just moved into a new house. Gina answered my questions about flooring, colors, bath design, lighting, furniture and many other design questions. She provided excellent ideas and suggesting and really knew her stuff. It went terrific.


I would definitely use Gina again!

James Parker
March 10, 2014


Gina Schorr of Belle Maison arrived on schedule and in just a few minutes of discussion we obtained more useful information than we had in weeks of meetings with showroom designers.


At no time was there a push for a particular brand of product but rather just good solid advice on how to get the “look” that we want. All in all, we cannot sufficiently describe how good it is to work with a knowledgeable professional instead of sales people pushing their high margin products. Gina has skills that we hope to be able to call on in the near and long term future.


If you need design services, your search is over. Call Gina!

Gina Caulton
March 04, 2014


I couldn’t have been more pleased.


She helped me choose colors for my entire home. Unlike other designers I’ve worked with, she brought in great ideas but also listened to me when I wanted to go in a different direction.


I have already hired her back for other interior decorating work!

W. Kenneth LaForce
November 12, 2013


Provided two hours of interior design consultation to help us select colors to paint the whole interior of our home and do some rearrangement/replacement of furniture.


It went very well. Not colors we would have typically selected on our own. It is an older home and we wanted to select colors that would fit the age and style of the house. Made it feel like we moved into a new house. Our friends rave about the new colors and the feel they create.

Dave Kuehl
November 10, 2013


Gina was prompt, friendly and knowledgeable. She gave us color ideas for each room in the house (the main reason I called her), but also suggestions on lighting, flooring, drapery and hardware. Though we were not ready for certain parts of the project, Gina provided ideas for the kitchen and bathroom remodels as well.


I have to say, we were on page with several of her color ideas, but hesitated on one or two. We have not completed all the painting for the project, but after much back and forth, we decided to go with Gina’s suggested color in our dining room and it looks great! We thought it would be too dark, but we were pleasantly surprised, as have been our friends. We used her suggested colors in the office and hallways too, thus far.


I will definitely call on Gina again if we need help with additional remodel projects.

Ken Gettman
November 06, 2013


Gina helped us complete our kitchen remodel including finding backsplash tile and making recommendations for paint, lighting, cabinet hardware and a custom cabinet.


Gina was punctual, prepared and professional. She listened to our needs and gave helpful feedback. She also provided recommendations for craftsmen and followed up to ensure they contacted us. Before we arrived at the tile store, she had already selected possible solutions and had them ready to view. No time wasted!


We really appreciated her efforts and would definitely call her again.

David McAuley
November 01, 2013


Gina was prompt and professional at our initial meeting and we decided we needed her help for our entire project. She looked at our space and listened to our ideas then gave us some ideas of how she saw the space and her vision was much better than ours! We loved her ideas for tile and colors so she collected samples of different materials and brought them to the house so we could see how they looked in our actual bathrooms rather than a showroom.


I will admit that we probably were not the easiest clients to work with. We tend to look at everything that’s available and take our time making up our minds but Gina was always patient and willing to meet us at design stores while we decided.


Our final project turned out beautifully. We couldn’t be happier with the colors, tiles and design.

We would definitely use Gina’s services again if we were to undertake a new project. She was great to work with.